At between 850 and 1,000 metres, the altitude as well as the coolness and slow ripening in these soils, mostly calcareous clay and gravel, give the resulting wines tension, depth and controlled maturity.

La Aguilera

Sandy soils on the surface with lime and clay veins in the subsoil.

Altitude: 850 meters.

Vine age: 60 years old.

Orography: 12 smallholdings on small fluvial terraces with very little slope.

Baños de Valdearados

Calcareous clay soil of little depth.

Altitude: 900 metres.

Vine age: 70-80 years old.

Orography: small irregular hillsides with varying slopes and inclinations.

Tubilla del Lago

Sandy/calcareous with lime parent rock outcroppings.

Altitude: 900 metres.

Vine age: old vines, many one hundred years old.

Orography: 17 small plots with 150-600 plants each, located in different valleys.

Moradillo de Roa

Alluvial rubble and gravel soils.

Altitude: 900 to 1,000 metres.

Vine age: at least 30 years old.

Orography: high plains rising above the valley.


Calcareous clay soil.

Altitude: 860 – 880 metres.

Vine age: 80 years old.

Orography: six small parcels located on hillsides with very little slope.

Valbuena y Olivares

Calcareous clay soil.

Altitude: 780 – 880 metres.

Vine age: planted in 2018.

Orography: five plots located on fluvial hillsides with southern exposure which drain towards the valley.